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Joanna has been recognized by the Supported Life Institute of California, and by the Sacramento Association  for her work with special needs children & the disabled.
Joanna’s Kids “R” It was featured by Channel 13’s Dave Bender, on his “Save with Dave Segment, for providing affordable children’s programs in Sacramento. Price comparisons were made in the segment between programs offered within the private sector vs. those offered by the City of Sacramento’s Recreation & Park District  Some of Joanna’s kids were featured on “The Morning Show” on September 4, 2007.  In June of 2005, Sacramento Bee’s writer, Dirk Werkman, wrote an article as part of Joanna’s 20th Anniversary as the owner/operator of Joanna’s Kids “R” it.

It was 1996, and this dance number was created for Kelly Irwin.  Kelly was the younger sibling of a long time student.  Kelly, having attended a recital to watch her sister, told her Mom that she wanted to be a ballerina and dance.  Because Kelly was wheelchair bound, her Mom never considered putting her in a class.  So instead, she bought Kelly a tutu and ballet slippers, which apparently Kelly insisted on wearing every day. 

When her Mom eventually told me, I asked her to bring Kelly to dance class.   Kelly performed the 5 ballet positions with her arms as she entered the stage, while I pushed her wheelchair up to the wall so she could “tap” with her feet against the wall. 

As recital approached, I created “Make Someone Happy” for Kelly..because that’s what it was all about.