Gymnastics:  “Exercises devised to strengthen the body, feats or tricks of agility”
-Webster’s Dictionary

BoysStretchJoanna’s Kids “R” It offers instruction in floor exercise gymnastics, no apparatus. Students will be provided a fun, safe, and challenging curriculum based on their own physical abilities. Small classes provide an environment where the individual abilities and needs of each gymnast can be addressed and challenged.

Beginning curriculum introduces students to the terms of gymnastics such as, “tuck”, “pike”, & “straddle”. Beginning gymnasts will learn forward and backward somersaults, headstands, assisted “foot flips”, standing dive rolls and more. There are no “props” (parachutes, mini tramps, or wedges) used in our preschool program, children are provided an ongoing curriculum based on their physical abilities.

Ongoing students will progress onto handstands, arches, running dive rolls cartwheels, & round offs, front and back walkovers, & handsprings.

GilbertElevatorsGymnasts on the Kids “R” It Exhibition team execute aerials, Arial walkovers, front and back “tucks” (flips”) and also are introduced to competitive form, multiple combinations, and preparatory skills, and tricks for beam and vault. In addition, the Kids “R” It Exhibition Team performs choreographed gymnastics routines, and acrobatics tricks at various community events throughout Sacramento County.

All of Joanna’s gymnasts are eligible to perform in the Kids “R” It annual recital, regardless of age and ability level.