Dance – Ballet, Tap, Jazz

“To move with the rhythm of sound, especially to music.”

-Webster’s dictionary

“If you can walk, you can dance.”

film strip danceJoanna’s Kids “R“ It provides a combination dance program. Beginning students will learn the basic elements and terminology of ballet and tap dancing, even our pre schoolers! Once students progress onto an advanced beginner level, they will be introduced to jazz dance as well.

Our preschool programs incorporate fun exercises, & activities to assist young dancers to learn right from left, and play at creative story book movement, while also learning the basics of ballet & tap. All of Joanna’s Kids will learn the 5 ballet positions, and the French terminology of ballet such as “Grande” means “big”, “Demi” means small, “eleve” means to “rise” and much more. In tap, Joanna’s kids learn the beginning level movements & steps, such as toe and heel drops, brush, shuffle, and digs.

Students are taught in small classes so as to allow our teachers to instruct each student at their own level of ability. There are no mandates for clothing or shoes during the 1st month of lessons, although ballet shoes are recommended. All ongoing students should have ballet, & tap shoes, as well as appropriate attire (no color requirements).

Ongoing students will advance at a level appropriate for their age and ability in ballet, tap, & jazz. Curriculum for ongoing students will continue to challenge them, to whatever degree of ability they are capable.

Many of Joanna’s Kids have moved into the competitive and professional world of dance. Interested students may be selected annually to participate in an “all” ballet program, which focuses on technique, and strengthening. Pointe dancing is also available with instructor placement.  Classes for adults are offered in Tap and Jazz Dance only.

All Kids “R” It students are eligible to participate in our annual recital, as well as non-competitive, community based performance opportunities throughout the year.  Past performances have included Golden 1 Arena, The California State Fair, River Cats Baseball, and Senior Living Facilities.