Dance And Gymnastics
Programs in the Sacramento Area

52681c233fdb0For 37 years, Joanna’s Kids “R” It has provided quality programs at affordable prices throughout the Sacramento area

All of Joanna’s Kids are provided a supportive non-competitive environment to discover & explore, then test, and develop their skills in the arts of ballet, tap, jazz, and the sport of gymnastics.

Joanna’s Kids learn that success and achievement is accomplished individually, based on everyone’s own abilities & effort, regardless of body type, or the set standards of the competitive, or professional, community. There is a place for everyone with Joanna’s Kids…even “big” kids 40 and up. 🙂

Kids “R” It runs the Carmichael Dance Academy in Carmichael, Calif. In addition Kids “R” It specializes in providing “on-site” programs and therefore provides classes at various locations throughout the Sacramento area. Kids “R” It is a business run like a family. After 37 years of teaching, Joanna & her staff are enjoying teaching a second generation of Joanna’s “Kids”.